next generation desktop appraisal report

next generation desktop appraisal report

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  • Affordable
  • Smart
  • Accurate
  • Pronto!
  • Desktop Valuations by State Licensed / Certified Appraisers
  • Data Driven, Proprietary Technology
  • Hybrid, Bifurcated, or Full Inspection
  • Accurate & Timely when it matters most

Desktop Valuation Suite

Desktop Traditional

Completed at desk and signed by subject State Licensed / Certified Residential Appraiser

Desktop w/Third Party Inspection (Bifurcated)

Exterior Mortgage Inspection matched with a traditional desktop, allowing for a more detailed view.

Desktop w/ Appraiser Exterior Inspection (Hybrid)

Adding another layer of detail, a licensed or certified Appraiser performs the exterior inspection and it is matched with the traditional desktop.

Desktop w/ Appraiser Full Inspection (Hybrid)

When a full inspection is needed, and a lot of relevant data is available, this option can save time and money from traditional Appraisal report.

Data-Driven Technology through Seamless Integration

  • Integrated with multiple Appraisal Operating Platforms, send us one or a thousand, no impact on service
  • Seamless Integrations providing instant Property Information, Comparable Sales, Listings, and PHOTOS
  • Automated tracking, process updates, delivery and invoicing
  • Single-point access for our TEAM, increase productivity and maintains focus
  • Time sensitive, Accurate, and Affordable, the winning combination!

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