About valucentric

Values You Can Depend On not only speaks to the appraisal report. Valucentric was founded on the cornerstones of customer service, quality reporting, and technological advancement. Valucentric is dedicated to improving the client experience by exceeding expectations. We value the quality of our work as much as the speed with which we complete it. Our clients enjoy a level of service that comes only with the broad range of experience that we have attained – and we pride ourselves on serving them with speed, accuracy, and integrity.

Meet Valucentric Management

Leeland Trice

Leland Trice

EVP Opteon Appraisal USA

Direct Phone: 410.912.2031

Lee has an internal clock that is always set ahead, trying to look around the corner into what comes next. To paraphrase Wayne Gretzky, Valucentric is trying to skate to where the puck is going to be and not where it is right now.
Tom Schurer

Tom Schurer

SVP Residential Valuation

Direct Phone: 847.348.0586

Real Estate Valuation is a service business that revolves around people…and Tom knows what makes people tick. Tom is very adept at distilling our clients’ needs and how to find the Highest & Best Use for every member of our Valucentric Team.
Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg

SVP Residential Operations

Direct Phone: 847.480.9885

What happens when irresistible force meets an immovable object? You get a Jason Goldberg. Jason is the engine that keeps Valucentric plowing ahead every day and crushing any obstacles in our path.
John Barcelo

John Barcelo

SVP - Business Growth

Direct Phone: 813.252.1140

John is the mixologist that puts our clients, our team, and our systems into a shaker and then pours out a delicious growth cocktail. John is relentless in our effort to expand the depth and breadth of the Valucentric solutions.
Nick Conteduca

Nick Conteduca

SVP Tech Innovation, SME


Nick is our wizard behind the scenes that focuses on the platforms and systems to help us remain efficient. Valucentric is never idle in our quest to streamline operations and find more progressive solutions to the valuation puzzle.
Peter Poulos

Peter Poulos

SVP Commercial Operations


Pete is our guy that eats and breathes all things in the CRE world. Pete has a tremendous team that continues to expand our ability to provide all manner of commercial appraisal and evaluation solutions to our customers.