Products & Services

More than just a service provider, Valucentric strives to be your dependable partner for your valuation needs. With an undying commitment to quality and your complete satisfaction, our highly competent appraisers consistently provide critical insight into value trends and current market conditions so you can be better informed when making crucial collateral risk decisions. Don’t reply on unpredictable vendors, and instead work with us a partner who will commit to your valuation needs.

A completely employee based Appraisal Firm, Valucentric is uniquely positioned to provide a broad-based solution for your Valuation needs. With offices in many metropolitan markets and continually growing, Valucentric has the coverage, local market knowledge, and level of experience that allows us to perform a high volume of appraisals while keeping your panel management to a minimum.

Common Reasons for a Residential Appraisal

  • Estate Valuations
  • Divorce Valuations
  • Pre-Listing Valuations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Elder Care Planning
  • Partial Interest
  • Cash Buyer
  • For Sale By Owner
  • PMI Removal
  • Condemnation & Eminent Domain
  • Relocation Appraisals
  • Bail Bond
  • Tax Appeal
  • Retrospective Appraisal

USPAP Residential Form Reports

  • FNMA Form 1004 Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR)
  • FNMA Form 1004 Uniform Residential Appraisal Report - REO
  • FNMA Form 1004C Manufactured Home
  • FNMA Form 1004C Manufactured Home - REO
  • FNMA Form 1073 Individual Condominium Unit
  • FNMA Form 1073 Individual Condominium Unit - REO
  • FNMA Form 1025 Small Residential Income Property
  • FNMA Form 1025 Small Residential Income Property - REO
  • FNMA Form 2000 One-Unit Residential Field Review
  • FNMA Form 2000A Small Residential Income Property Field Review
  • NARA Form 2002 Uniform Residential Appraisal Review Form
  • NARA Form 2006 Residential Appraisal Review Short Form
  • FNMA Form 2055 Single Family Exterior Only Appraisal
  • FNMA Form 1075 Condominium Exterior Only Appraisal
  • FNMA Form 2075 Desktop Underwriter Property Inspection Report
  • FNMA Form 2090 Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal
  • FNMA Form 2095 Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal - Exterior Only
  • FNMA Form 1004D Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report
  • Exterior (and Interior) Catastrophic Disaster Inspections
  • General Purpose Appraisal Reports
  • Land Appraisal Report
  • Forensic Reviews
  • Rent Schedules
  • Operating Income Statements
  • And more…

Commercial Valuation Experts

Our valuation professionals work individually on assignments, but they also work alongside one another creating a collaborative team environment of valuation experts - all of whom use various analytical tools and data services. More importantly, leveraging their many years of experience, they properly interpret the data to clearly and concisely convey their findings.

Our commercial real estate division has experience in a wide variety of property types including but not limited to: Subdivisions, Office, Retail, Industrial, Agricultural, Right of Way, Special Use, Eminent Domain, and Easements. Our client profile is as diverse as the properties we appraise.

Getting Started

Our easily accessible experts work with you to tailor the scope of work for your assignment. We are ready to explore the types of value needed, highest and best use, hypothetical conditions, and extraordinary assumptions. We will tailor our results with any other specific data analyses requested, and in the format needed. Our final product is always an easy to follow report with comprehensive reconciliations and accurate valuations so you can:

  • Optimize return on collateral assets
  • Make critical loan/portfolio level decisions
  • Position your projects most effectively
  • Mitigate risk and make sound decisions

Reasons for Commercial Valuations

  • Divorce
  • Portfolio Review
  • Eminent Domain
  • General Consultation
  • Real Estate Tax Appeal
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Litigation Support Services
  • Feasibility Research Studies
  • Estate Planning and Probate
  • Contract or Lease Adjustments
  • Master Planning Developments
  • Arbitration for Dispute Resolution
  • Highest & Best Use, and Alternate Use Studies
  • Financed Transactions and Refinancing Mortgage Terms
  • General Investment Analysis and Determining Disposition Values
  • Landlord & Tenant Leaseholds, Lease Advisory, Rental studies and more....

Form Reports, Narrative Reports, Review Appraisal

  • 71A or 71B
  • Evaluations
  • Narrative Reports
  • Property Condition Inspections
  • Custom Formats as Requested
  • Review Appraisals performed by an appraiser with the MAI and AI-GRS Designations

*All reports meet and exceed USPAP, FIRREA, OCC and other requirements for defensibility.

*Work samples and references available upon request

At Valucentric, we have embraced the advancements technology has provided our industry over the past decade through the development of a Dodd-Frank compliant Operating Platform, ENGAGE™. Working in tandem, we are able to provide an Appraisal Independence Compliance Certificate with every completed report.

ENGAGE™ additionally provides our staff a data-rich, flexible and efficient work-flow management tool that has greatly enhanced our ability to communicate, track, manage and deliver accurate, timely reports to our clients.

Utilizing our proprietary, secure, online transaction management system designed specifically for the appraisal industry, Valucentric streamlines and simplifies the process for our appraisers and our clients. Now, your company can benefit from the same robust technology that has revolutionized the way we conduct appraisals.

The ENGAGE™ portal serves as a transaction hub. All order data is securely maintained and exposed to those users linked to a specific file. Each user (company level) can establish workflow rules and permissions specific to their organizational preferences.

Features include:

  • Order Entry, client user based
  • Dashboard View
  • Automated Assignment utilizing Blind Selection by Appraiser Experience Profile
  • Full Suite of Business Intelligence Reporting Options
  • Customizable Product & Fee Tables
  • Firewalled Communication Views
  • And Much More!!

Training and More

As the company behind this innovative technology, we know how to use it best, and we want to make your transition as smooth as possible. Valucentric provides the training and technical assistance that allows you to successfully access, customize and use our appraisal database. Our management team, appraisers and clients continue to benefit from the fast, reliable service this database allows us to provide. Contact a Valucentric representative for more information about how you can utilize this intuitive, fully customizable platform.

At Valucentric, we understand our job often is not finished until when the report is delivered to our client. Today’s regulatory environment mandates our clients review and validate our work like never before. As your trusted partner, Valucentric has developed an industry-leading internal review process that ensures each delivered report has undergone a thorough, client-specific review for accuracy and completeness.

Client Specific means just that! Valucentric will combine your exact underwriting requirements with current industry mandated regulatory platform requirements to build your comprehensive, specific rule-sets based, review platform. Our internal staff will vet and assimilate ach completed report prior to final delivery. This value-added process eliminates re-work, streamlines your internal review protocol, and saves your team valuable time in the loan processing cycle.