Products & Services

Residential Valuation

We offer the entire spectrum of residential appraisal products and services. Our Staff Appraisers are primarily Certified and HUD approved. We can provide appraisal reports specifically designed to meet the needs of Lenders, AMCs, Attorneys, Accountants, Government Agencies, or private property owners.

Commercial Valuation

Our commercial real estate division has experience in a wide variety of property types including but not limited to: Subdivisions, Office, Retail, Industrial, Agricultural, Right of Way, Special Use, Eminent Domain, and Easements. Our client profile is as diverse as the properties we appraise.

Transaction Management

Clients who desire online real time access can place, track, and receive orders via our ENGAGE™ portal. Our proprietary systems ensure all parties to the appraisal transaction can manage the assignments accurately and efficiently. The ENGAGE system is compliant with industry best practices for privacy and independence and hosted in one of the world’s most secure cloud environments.

Valuation Reports

We are currently developing some proprietary valuation products that will utilize our iValu™ brand. These include alternative residential formats that can supplant BPOs and other non-appraiser derived solutions. The commercial division is able to provide our clients with a consistent report format through our proprietary templates and our robust shared database of verified property data.